Maximum safety. Maximum commitment.

International Valuables Logistics

We use state-of-the-art security vehicles with the latest means of communication on the road. In addition, our armed security escorts never lose sight of your valuables for a second on the way. It doesn't matter how often you use us: whether for the daily courier services of your cash register as well as for the unique bulk transport of your precious metal stocks, the same standard applies: Swiss precision.

Valuables Logistics

No matter where your valuables are going: We will transport everything that is worth so much to you that it requires more than the usual safety measures. Whether on the road, in the air or on the high seas – we ensure that your valuables arrive safely, punctually, and by the fastest route.

High-security storage

In our high-security facilities at home and abroad, your valuables will enjoy maximum security protection. These buildings are monitored around the clock electronically and by security personnel. The high-security storage service includes continuous inventory control and 24-hour access for you via an encrypted online tool.

That's not all: Whenever your valuables' journey continues, we will consign and pack them exactly according to your wishes. And finally, you can even leave the insurance cover to our experts.

Customs clearance and insurance solutions

When it comes to security, the devil is often in the detail, i.e. in the small print of customs documents and insurance conditions. Especially when it comes to large values. You can simply transfer these worries to us. Because our customs and insurance experts know these matters inside and out.

We take care of all customs formalities for the transport of your valuables and high-security storage: We carry out online customs clearance, issue shipping documents in any desired procedure, handle your Carnet ATA or transit clearance, or act as the known consignor or consignee. We concentrate on all processes in the entire logistics chain and guarantee communication between all parties involved. To ensure that the last link is also securely in place, we take out the optimum insurance cover for you.

Escort services

There is no set-in-stone scale for risks, they can usually only be assessed in context. The transportation of certain valuables is considered a high-risk process. We offer an exclusive escort service for such logistics projects. You decide whether this takes place armed or unarmed, and whether in uniform or civilian clothing. We offer a suitable protection concept and specially trained employees. And the guarantee that we are familiar with such dangers.

Logistics for jewellery and watch trade fairs

International jewellery and watch trade fairs bring together not only the most demanding customers and the best experts in the world, but also, and above all, many valuables. Maybe yours, too. So that you can fully dedicate yourself to your business at such an event, we can take over the entire security logistics for you. This begins with a handy concept that we implement with every movement, from the delivery of your jewellery to its safety during and after the trade fair opening hours, until it finally arrives back to you safe and undamaged. We pay particular attention to fast and punctual transport, secure packaging, and flexible temporary imports.