In an era of relentless technological innovation, the world of cargo crime is undergoing a captivating metamorphosis. What once began with daring stagecoach robberies has evolved into an unprecedented wave of cyberattacks. Working with organizations like the Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) is critical to being more resilient to cargo crime and protecting freight in transit. By implementing TAPA standards, companies can reduce the likelihood of theft and tampering and ensure the smooth operation of global supply chains.


But the physical integrity of the cargo is not the only concern. In the sensitive sector of pharmaceutical products, compliance with Good Distribution Practice (GDP) is of immeasurable importance. GDP includes quality-related requirements and guidelines for the transportation of pharmaceutical products. The intact storage and control of medicines throughout the transport process ensures their safety, efficacy, and quality. This includes prescribed temperature conditions, hygiene regulations and safety standards.

Pharmaceutical transports that meet GDP guidelines ensure the integrity of the drug chain – from manufacturing to storage to delivery to the end user. Reliable transports enable patients to always receive safe and effective medicines and strengthen confidence in the pharmaceutical industry.


The close cooperation between Helveticor and Marti Transport enables successful order execution for renowned pharmaceutical manufacturers. Our goal-oriented cooperation meets the demanding requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. TAPA TSR Level 1 and GDP certifications underline our ability to ensure a secure supply chain and meet quality standards for the transportation of pharmaceutical products.

This impressive certification combination enables customized solutions for pharmaceutical companies with the highest safety and quality standards. Customers trust Helveticor to deliver their valuable products in top condition and on time.

The successful collaboration between Helveticor and Marti Transport has made us a preferred logistics partner in the pharmaceutical industry. We pride ourselves on first-class services and helping customers achieve their business goals. Together, we set new standards in pharmaceutical logistics and continue to develop innovative solutions for our customers.