Memberships & Certifications


Our greatest asset is your trust

We combine our entire innovative strength to offer you secure, reliable service on the traditional trading markets.

You can take the wide range of our accreditations as confirmation of our honest, future-proof, high-security logistics – far beyond our borders. After all, you want to hand over your valuables to a partner you trust, no ifs or buts.

One company, many endorsements

The certifications below are testament to our value creation, legal compliance, quality and sustainability.


London Bullion Market Association / Chicago Mercantile Exchange

Under these two certificates, we are authorised to deliver precious metals to over-the-counter trading venues in London, New York and Zurich. Membership of these renowned groups requires a complex testing process.

IATA / Spedlogswiss

International Air Transport Association / Spedlogswiss (professional association of Swiss shipping and logistics companies)

Membership in these two associations and their permits are the basis for our work as specialists in high-security logistics.


Authorised Economic Operator / Regulated Agent

The internationally recognised AEO status serves to secure global trade flows. As an AEO, we are particularly reliable and trustworthy and can take advantage of discounts on customs clearance. At the national level, the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) has granted us the corresponding status of Regulated Agent. This means we ensure that goods match the sender’s description and that they reach the airport and the aircraft safely.

Trust is your greatest currency – and ours

As experts in high-security logistics, we transport your valuables such as precious metals, banknotes, credit cards and jewellery to your chosen destination with uncompromising security, maximum reliability and absolute punctuality. This is what we call ‘Swiss-made’ quality.

Numerous memberships, standards and certificates prove that we keep this promise. These measure our performance against the best of the best and against the strictest of the strictest on the national, international and global stage.


By reaching the highest TAPA standards TSR Level 1 and FSR Level A, we ensure complete security in transport and storage, at the technical level as well as at the process and settings level.

Swiss Better Gold Association

As an Swiss Better Gold Association member, we make a significant contribution to ensuring that the mining, production, transport and sale of gold are innovative and sustainable. And we are in very good company, with partners like the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), Voluntary Sustainability Standards (VSS), Fairtrade International Max Havelaar and the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM). By the way, the gold bars that the group gives out as anniversary gifts are made from ‘green gold’.


As a member of this self-regulatory organisation recognised by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA), we are committed to the principle of KYC (know your customer), which is why getting to know you is an important part of the statutory supervisory and monitoring obligations of our role.

ISO 9001

The requirements of this standard increased enormously with the 2015 version. Under 9001:2015, we guarantee solid risk management and lean processes that are consistently oriented towards our dialogue groups.

We believe:

Certificates are not just paper promises. They call for the highest quality and require a company to closely examine the practicality of their own processes, internal knowledge management and quality standards.

The audits and documentation required for certifications take up much of our time and effort. But for you, our customer, they offer maximum transparency and proof of highquality services – in black and white.